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Track Listing
Missa 1 : Lux et Origio
1. Kyrie I, Modus Viii
2. Gloria I, Modus Iv
3. Credo I, Modus Iv
4. Sanctus I, Modus Iv
5. Agnus I, Modus Iv

Missa VIII : De Angelis
6. Kyrie Viii, Modus V
7. Gloria Viii, Modus V
8. Credo Iii, Modus V
9. Sanctus Viii, Modus Vi
10. Agnus Viii, Modus Vi

11. Salve Regina - Antiphona, Modus V
12. Ave Plena GratiŠ - Prosa, Modus Vi
13. Ave Mater - Sequentia, Modus Vi
14. Alleluia : Tota Pulchra Est, Alleluia, Modus 1
15. Gloriosa - Communio, Modus Viii
16. Benedicta Es Tu, Virgo Maria
17. Virgo Prudentissima - Antiphona, Modus I
18. Concordi LŠtitia - Rythmus, Modus Vi
19. Gaudens Gaudebo - Introitus, Modus Iii
20. Regina CŠli - Antiphona, Modus Vi
21. De Ore Leonis - Responsorium, Modus Iv
22. Exsurge, Quare Obdormis Domine ?
23. Pueri HebrŠorum - Antiphonia, Modus I
24. Salve Festa Dies - Hymnus, Modus Iv
25. Veni Creator Spiritus - Hymnus, Modus Viii
Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos
Sacred Chant
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Gregorian chant is amongst the simplest sounding music forms of all time, yet its hidden complexities make it a fascinating subject for scholars and a pleasure for the listener. It has been claimed that this is the most soothing and restful music in the world and its unique sound can actually be good for the mind as well as the soul! So sit back and let this beautiful collection of Gregorian chants relax and soothe you.