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Track Listing
Side One:
1. É O Teste 04:39
2. Chuva Ácida 02:59
3. No Sapatinho 05:03
4. Tô Pra Ver 04:14
Side Two:
1. Breaco 02:57
2. Até Me Emocionei 02:55
3. Demorô 02:18
4. Vasilhame 02:52
5. Ainda Há Tempo 05:18
Ainda Ha Tempo (180g)
Sterns Brazil
Cat No:
Price £13.99
• In 2006, Kleber Gomes aka Criolo released his first studio album "Ainda Há Tempo” (‘There’s Still Time’) and he quickly sold out the 500 CD copies he’d had made. Although by this time he’d been writing, rapping and, among other endeavours, organising hip hop parties on the São Paulo scene for almost 20 years (he’d written his first rap when he was only eleven years old), this was his first album, and it turned out to be a calling card for what has become one of the most successful careers in the rich musical vein that is Brazilian hip hop. Available for the very first time on limited edition 180g vinyl LP.

• Personnel:
• Criolo - Vocals
• DJ DanDan - Vocals
• DJ Marco - Scratches
• Daniel Ganjaman - Vocals, Piano, Bass, Synthethisers & Programming
• Marcelo Cabral - Acoustic Bass & String Arrangement on Aonda Há Tempo
• Dudonha Lima - Bass & Guitar on Tô Pra Ver
• Augusto Bocão - Percussion on Até Me Emocionei
• Wesley Camillo - Keyboards on Até Me Emocionei
• Shirley & Euclides Krenak (of the group Krenak) - Vocals on Chuva Ácida
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