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Track Listing
At the Drop of a Hat (Classic LP Rec.1957) – A Transport of Delight, Song of Redemption, (I’m) A Gnu, Design for Living, Je Suis Le Ténébreux, Songs for our Time (Philological Waltz,Satellite Moon, A Happy Song), A Song of the Weather, The Reluctant Cannibal, Greensleeves, Misalliance, Kokoraki- A Greek Song, Maderia M’Dear?, Hippopotamus (Mud, Glorious Mud)
,br>More Out of the Hat – Excerpts (Rec.1957) – Vanessa, Too many Cookers

Wallace’s Private Zoo (Rec.1956) – Ian Wallace with Donald Swann (piano) – The Hippopotamus Song, The Rhinoceros Song, The Warthog, The Elephant Song
Flanders & Swan
The Drop of a Hat: The very best of Flanders & Swan
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• Thanks to phenomenal sales of the LP and EPs (produced by George Martin), the songs and sketches became household favourites throughout the English-speaking world and a long-awaited and hugely successful USA tour which began in 1959. Flanders’ spoken introductions were intimate and ahead of their time, and the show as a whole, 50 years on, remains strikingly topical.