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Track Listing
24 tracks - Harald Genzmer: Prelude in C major (10 Preludes: II. Allegro) Louis Vierne: Prelude in C minor (No.1: Prologue from Twelve Preludes, Op.38) Gabriel Fauré: Prelude in D flat major (No.1 from 9 Preludes, Op.103) Richard Cumming: Prelude in D major (No.4 from 24 Preludes) Evgeny Svetlanov: Prelude in D major (No.5 from Twelve Preludes) Felix Blumenfeld: Prelude in D minor (No.24 from 24 Preludes, Op.17)Nikolai Kapustin: Prelude in E flat major (No.19 from 24 Preludes, Op.53) Lera Auerbach: Prelude in E flat minor (No.14 from 24 Preludes - 1998) Olivier Messiaen: Prelude in E major 'La Colombe' (The Dove) (No.1 from 8 Preludes) Reinhold Glière: Prelude in e minor (No.10 from 25 Preludes, Op.30) John Ireland: Prelude in F major 'The Holy Boy' (No.3 from 4 Preludes) Hans Gal: Prelude in F minor (No.16 from 24 Preludes, Op.83) Charles Villiers Stanford: Prelude in G flat major (No.37, Op.179 Sixth Series)Eduard Abramyan: Prelude in F sharp minor (No.9 from 24 Preludes) Boris Goltz: Prelude in G major (No.3 from 24 Preludes, Op.2) Pierre Max Dubois: Prelude in G minor (No.4 from 10 Preludes) Charles-Valentin Alkan: Prelude in A flat major (No.15, Book 2 - 25 Preludes) York Bowen: Prelude in G sharp minor (No.18 from 24 Preludes in All Major and Minor Keys, Op.102) Ferruccio Busoni: Prelude in A major (No.7 from 24 Preludes, Op.37) Karol Szymanowski: Prelude in A minor (No.6 from 9 Preludes, Op.1)Lennox Berkeley: Prelude in B flat major (No.5 from 6 Preludes, Op.23) Sergei Bortkiewicz: Prelude in B flat minor 'Patetico' (No.10 from 10 Preludes, Op.33) Dmitri Kabalevsky: Prelude in B major (No.11 from 24 Preludes, Op.38) César Cui: Prelude in B minor (No.4 from 25 Preludes, Op.64)+ 1 Bonus Track - André Previn: Prelude in C major (No.5 from 'The Invisible Jazz Drummer', 5 Preludes for Piano)
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24+1 / Dominic John (piano)
Willowhayne Records Ltd.
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• High praise for Dominic John's new album for Willowhayne Records 24+1 from Andrew McGragor on BBC Radio 3's Record Review.

• In his second album for Willowhayne Records, virtuoso pianist Dominic John presents a truly ground breaking recording based on the ‘circle of fifths.’ From the power of Eduard Abramyan’s Prelude in F sharp minor to the poetry of John Ireland’s The Holy Boy, 25 composers extending across 2 centuries of music are represented in this unique musical journey that is sure to delight the listener.
Reviews For 24+1 / Dominic John (piano)
Andrew McGragor on BBC Radio 3's Record Review
"...a superbly curated collection, imaginatively compiled and navigated with flair by pianist Dominic John - a serendipitous delight."
The Arts Lounge - Lynn Rene Bayley
A delightful, clever album and one which will certainly expand your musical horizons.
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