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Track Listing
Alejandro Zuluaga: Raya (Stingray), Amanece (Dawn)
Andrés Samper: Entre la chonta y el cedro (Between the palm tree andthe cedar), I: Entre la chonta y el cedro (evocando un tema de HugoCandelario), II: Como quien oye llover (As one who listens to the rain),III: Territorio (Territory)
César Quevedo Barrero: La danza del hueso roto (Dance of the brokenbone), I: El héroe fracasado(Failed Hero), II: La danza (The dance)
Camilo Giraldo Ángel: Rocas y nubes (Rocks and clouds), Variacionessobre un tema de mi vecino alado (Variations on a theme from mywinged neighbour)
Eblis Álvarez: Hermanita ven conmigo/(salsero rehabilitado de las drogas)(Little sister come with me)
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As one who listens to rain - Trip,Trip,Trip (guitar trio)
Willowhayne Records Ltd.
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• Trip, Trip, Trip (guitar trio)

• This album is the third release of trip trip trip trio and it’s also the result of a collaborative work with Colombian contemporary composers. It includes works created especially for the trio and finished during the last three years by Alejandro Zuluaga, Andrés Samper, Eblis Alvarez, Camilo Giraldo Angel and César Quevedo Barrero. The trio's name was inspired by a fantastic character from the novel "Opium in the Clouds" by Bogota’s cult writer Rafael Chaparro Madiedo; a talking cat called Pink Tomate, who always says: “triptriptrip what a mess, what a serious mess.” For this, and for so many other reasons, the number three inspires the intensions and imaginaries of César, Camilo and Guillermo.
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