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Various Composers
Made in Belgium - New Belgian Choral Music / Helen Cassano
Etcetera Records
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Price £13.99
• *World Première Recordings

• Brussels Chamber Choir conductor Helen Cassano

• The Golden Age of the Renaissance saw the flourishing of polyphony, mainly thanks to composers born in what is now Belgium, such as Josquin, Ockeghem or Lassus. It was these Franco-Flemish polyphonists, who, by travelling and working around their homeland and the rest of Europe, spread their new musical ideas and produced the first true international style since the unification of Gregorian chant in the 9th century. The composers featured on this album, native to or resident in each of the three regions of Belgium (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels), often write in a language other than their mother tongue. While their choral music covers very different styles, they share some of the same influences and sources of inspiration, both musical and poetic. Helen Cassano was born in London, but grew up in Madrid. She gained a degree in musicology from Royal Holloway, University of London, and moved to Belgium in 2002.
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