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Compact Disc and DVD Manufacturing at Discovery Records

To complement its distribution services, Discovery Records now has a fully-functioning CD and DVD manufacture plant and associated print shop, with the capability of producing economical short-run quantities of stock.

The system is based around a number of high-output robotic duplication towers, incorporating on-body print capability, and a print shop which is able to produce to order high quality booklets and inlays; the end product is then overwrapped

Currently, we are able to produce jewel boxed product ranging from 1CD to 6CD sets, and booklets in full colour or mono up to 56 pages. Plans are in place that will enable us to produce other styles of packaging.

The plant is now fully tried and tested, having been engaged solely on in-house label work initially.

Short-run duplication is fast becoming a realistic option for labels to maintain a full catalogue of physical product to any significant depth. The higher unit price of short-run is easily compensated by significantly lower manufacturing quantities, reducing shipping and storage costs, and in some cases making the difference between a product being available or deleted.

With a minimum run of 100 units, and fewer by arrangement in exceptional circumstances, it is easier to keep stock and maintain international supply of a catalogue of moderate selling titles.

Please contact us to request a manufacturing ratecard or to discuss any further matters: