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Track Listing
1. Shuffle Mode
2. Be Human
3. Pure
4. White Hair
5. Tituz Rock
6. Before Falling Asleep
7. New Chapter
8. Il Barone Rampante
9. Running In The Clouds
Rosa Brunello - Los Fermentos
Shuffle Mode
Cam Jazz
Cat No:
Price £10.99
Bassist Rosa Brunello is a fast-rising star of modern jazz with a distinctive vision and the determination to make it real. Her third CamJazz release is a supremely confident set, which sees Brunello’s regular group, Los Fermentos (featuring saxophonist Michele Polga, guitarist Frank Martino drummer Luca Colussi), create a sound that is alert, contemporary and packed with unexpected twists and turns. Modern jazz has never been short of highly creative bass players who are also leaders, and Brunello belongs confidently to that tradition, driving the music from the centre with a joyous energy that is already the unifying characteristic of all her work so far.