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Track Listing
1. The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes
2. Barcarolle
3. Badger Cam
4. The Boy Roy
5. Hi Wriggly!
6. The Complete Short Stories
7. Mind Palace
8. Vixen
Patchwork Jazz Orchestra
The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes
Spark ! Label
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Price £8.50
The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes is the debut album by Patchwork Jazz Orchestra. The London-based millennial big band has no leader and includes influential young musicians on the UK jazz scene such as James Copus, Tom Green, Alex Hitchcock, Rob Luft and Misha Mullov-Abbado. After making its debut in 2014, the 17-piece group won the Peter Whittingham Award in 2015. The music ranges from luscious and sweet melodies to broad walls of sound, from drum and bass to funeral marches, from fairytale ballads to calypso. Drawing on the wealth of history of the big band format, PJO has revamped it into a well-oiled machine that embraces a modern day philosophy of music making.