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Track Listing
1. The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes
2. Barcarolle
3. Badger Cam
4. The Boy Roy
5. Hi Wriggly!
6. The Complete Short Stories
7. Mind Palace
8. Vixen
Patchwork Jazz Orchestra
The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes
Spark ! Label
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Price £8.50
The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes is the debut album by Patchwork Jazz Orchestra. The London-based millennial big band has no leader and includes influential young musicians on the UK jazz scene such as James Copus, Tom Green, Alex Hitchcock, Rob Luft and Misha Mullov-Abbado. After making its debut in 2014, the 17-piece group won the Peter Whittingham Award in 2015. The music ranges from luscious and sweet melodies to broad walls of sound, from drum and bass to funeral marches, from fairytale ballads to calypso. Drawing on the wealth of history of the big band format, PJO has revamped it into a well-oiled machine that embraces a modern day philosophy of music making.
Reviews For The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes
BBC Music Magazine - Barry Witherden
“They say there’s nothing like a good old swinging big band, and The Patchwork Orchestra is just like a good ole swinging big band. On The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes this 17-piece goes like the proverbials. A consistently entertaining and exhilarating session” ****
All About Jazz - Roger Farbey
"This is an unequivocally excellent album that invites repeated plays and offers the prospect of even greater things to come from this buoyant big band."
Jazz Views - Eddie Myer
"This impressive project unites some of the London jazz scene’s brightest young sparks into a single multi-headed beast that provides a wide-ranging, ambitious showcase for everyone’s writing, arranging, soloing and reading chops while retaining an infectious sense of fun... Hectic, dazzling, breathtakingly accomplished and as much fun to listen to as it must have been to play."
Bebop Spoken Here - Lance Liddle
There are big band albums and there are BIG BAND ALBUMS! this one comes into the latter category although don't expect to find Glenn Miller emerging from the English Channel covered in seaweed! No, this is very much a large ensemble meeting the standard of today's contemporary players. However, don't get me wrong, this is no pet shop fire group and yet, nor is it a swing band. It's a band that swings to today's rhythm, the pulse of life whether it be to the office or the job centre is totally encapsulated... I don't want to analyse it, I just want to enjoy listening to it which is what I'm doing as I type. If you like the big band music of today, yesterday and tomorrow then Mr Pottercakes covers all the bases and more. De-lightful!"
The Jazz Mann - Ian Mann
The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes more than delivers on the promise of that 606 performance from 2016. 'This is music that very much deserves to be documented on disc' I remarked at the time and it’s certainly been worth the wait. I enjoyed hearing this album almost as much as I did seeing the live show and praise should go to engineer John Prestage of the famous AIR Studios for a mix that brings out all the vitality richness, colour and nuance of these supremely inventive compositions and arrangements. The playing is superb throughout and the writing intelligent, quirky and imaginative with plenty of variety in terms of style and dynamics. Despite its wilfully whimsical title The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes represents an exceptional début from this highly talented collective and should certainly put them firmly on the musical map, establishing the Patchwork Jazz Orchestra as a force to be reckoned with, even if the near mainstream exposure that Loose Tubes enjoyed back in the day seems unlikely." *****
Jazzwise – Nick Hasted
“This 17-piece big-band orchestra is inevitably unwieldy, and quixotically impractical. But in letting its members write large-scale compositions otherwise unlikely good work surfaces.”