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Track Listing
1 Ça Claque
2 Nord (a E.A.)
3 Onde Su Onde
4 Sonoro I
5 Due Dimensioni
6 Uno + Uno
7 Sonoro II
8 Due
9 Codex
10 Sonoro III
Michele Rabbia - Ingar Zach
Cam Jazz
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Price £10.99
[So-nò-ro], the exciting new CamJazz release by veteran percussionists Michele Rabbia and Ingar Zach, reflects on the deep history of improvised music while embarking on a thrilling adventure to a brave new world of limitless opportunity. The 10 tracks on [So-nò-ro] seem to occupy a whole new plane of reality, entire of itself, and proves utterly absorbing. If there is nothing more primal in music than the sound of the drum, then there is no more fundamental communication than one drum - and one drummer - to another. The only other sounds one hears on this album comes from Rabbia’s and Zach’s wholly individual and highly personal use of experimental electronics.