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Track Listing
1. Le Penseur
2. Méandres
3. Black Stache
4. Following Trees
5. Insane Headache
6. L'écho du Songe
7. Tones from the Backwoods
8. Clint
9. Le Mexicain
Heloise Lefebvre & Paul Audoynaud
Sun Dew
Laborie Records
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Price £12.99
Hailing from Berlin’s vibrant jazz scene, Sun Dew is the artistic vision of a diverse musical sextet created by Héloïse Lefebvre and Paul Audoynaud. Transcending jazz to caress the world of pop and classical music, Sun Dew is a rhythmical exploration full of delicious delights. Completed by Liron Yariv on cello, Paul Santner on double bass, Johannes Von Ballestrem on piano and Christian Tschuggnall on drums, this skillful collective is a magical meeting of a young European minds. Innovative and imaginative, Sun Dew blossoms into a wonderful tapestry of textures that entices the listener with its joyous melodies.