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Track Listing
1. Aita Mendi
2. Space Boy
3. Hannah
4. Tiger Rag
5. Dulce Capricho
6. Place de Belfort
7. La Valse d’Oc et d’aqui
8. Karma
9. Ouï Dire Song
10. My Melancholy Baby
11. Samba em Prelúdio
12. Clouds
Benjamin Bobenreith
Laborie Records
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Price £12.99
Benjamin Bobenrieth fell in love with the music of Django Reinhardt at the age of 15 and his gypsy jazz influence looms large over Bobenrieth’s latest release Travels. Hailing from France, the guitarist went on to join the jazz musicology class at Toulouse II Le Mirail University and joined the group Oihana Quartet (with Théo Gjini, Youenn Rohaut and Rémi Bouyssière). The award-winning band released the critically acclaimed album Fausse Route in 2010, setting Bobenrieth on a celebrated path to widespread recognition in his native country. Brimming with deep joyous melody and unstoppable rhythm, Travels is rich in lyrism, charm, power, inventiveness, flexibility and generosity.