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Track Listing
1. Windfall
2. Meant To Be
3. Waltz
4. Clec
5. New Day
6. Sunday Soon
7. Noonday
8. In February
Huw Warren & Mark Lockheart
New Day - Live At Livio Felluga Winery
Cam Jazz
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Price £10.99
Broadcaster and personality Robin Leach used to say that the Italians like to add work and life to food and wine. They’re all things best enjoyed in the company of like-minded people. Pianist Huw Warren and saxophonist Mark Lockheart have been friends and associates since they formed the influential British jazz group Perfect Houseplants more than two decades ago. If the British are not always associated with joyous living –and “houseplants” might sound more domestic than wild – Warren and Lockheart, apart but particularly together, always give off a sense of quiet delight. New Day catches the duo performing live at the Livio Felluga winery in Brazzano di Cormòns, Italy, as part of CAM JAZZ’s ongoing series of live recordings where “vintage” has a double meaning. Playing original material, mostly by Warren, but also a couple of compositions by the English master John Taylor, their improvisations bespeak deep understanding of each others’ musical personality.