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Track Listing
1. Traffic Jam
2. Thema Prima
3. A Goldfish in Space
4. Mannen I tårnet
5. Wüstenschiff
6. Hello Welcome
7. Monday in Budapest
8. Les Constructeurs
9. Berlin Express
10. Madam Bum Bum
Aki Takase / Japanic
Thema Prima
Budapest Music Centre
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Price £12.99
“Our music is expression of freedom and a hymn to life,” says pianist Aki Takase of her new album Thema Prima. Having fêted a number of significant composers in the past – from Fats Waller, W.C. Handy and Duke Ellington to Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy – this recent collaboration with DJ Illvibe reveals a culmination of the pianist’s fascination and influence of non-jazz composer Conlon Nancarrow. The band is completed by saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, bassist Johannes Fink and drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen. In his five-star Guardian review, John Fordham, wrote: “Takase’s new album fields catchy hooks, improv, raw noise and cryptic vocals in her own indefatigable style.”
Reviews For Thema Prima
Jazzwise (Issue 241) - Selwyn Harris
“As a skilled and experienced improviser-composer, Takase draws from an expansive vocabulary to create a unique kaleidoscope without ever randomly mashing genres together. It’s a heady but playful mix of clanging, virtuosic piano mantras, rockin’ band riffs, melody indebted to oriental, Balkan folk music through to progressive bop and Mingus-ish free collective jazz.” ****
The Guardian - John Fordham
"Catchy hooks, freefall improv, raw noise and cryptic vocals barge and bustle. Traffic Jam’s flinty chord-theme and bass line gallop give way to church bells and a folk melody. The ostinato-pounding title track is an exhilarating standout, while Wüstenschiff turns a folksy Balkan lilt into a guttural rap. Takase and saxophonist Daniel Erdmann inventively freewheel through the post-boppish Hello Welcome, while the old-school stride-rhythm prance of Madam Bum Bum recalls the open-minded leader’s enthusiasm for Fats Waller. It’s a wilfully intoxicating jazz brew that only Takase could have stirred in quite this way."
Adrian Pallant
"Wild, unpredictable, rocky, frantic, dizzying, electronic, quirky… yet captivatingly inventive!”
Marlbank ALBUM of the WEEK - Stephen Graham
"What a lot the veteran Japanese pianist Aki Takase has packed in here: turntable culture somehow; rolling, boisterous sax-led themes; the anarchy of free form jazz; and the wild abandon of the player leader herself who if you can imagine Yoko Ono as a jazzer you would be only half-way there. The group, her Japanic, bristles with some fine players chiefly Daniel Erdmann on sax in one of his best sideman appearances I’ve heard and her tunes have an epic, spirited, grandeur to them able interpreted by the ingenious ensemble. Tremendous."