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Track Listing
1. Tortworth Oak (first version)
2. The Unlonely Raindancer
3. Thank You God For My Wife And Children
4. The Muted Melody
5. Steel Yourself / The Bell, The Gong, The Voice
6. Dear Ireland
7. The Pool
8. Tortworth Oak (second version)
9. Midnight Snow Walk
Keith Tippett
The Unlonely Raindancer
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Price £11.99
The Unlonely Raindancer, the seminal first solo album by Keith Tippett released in 1980, is a live recording from 1979’s short tour of the Netherlands. A shining example of imaginative improvisation, Tippett believes Raindancer “set the template” for all his later solo performances. Featuring artwork by André Van Der Linden, this beautifully packaged reissue is a must for any avant-garde jazz aficionado. All About Jazz reviewer, Matt Parker, says: “Tippett draws a seemingly limitless supply of hitherto unimaginable sounds from the piano, to the point where it is very easy to completely forget which instrument is being played… a genuinely monumental work of art from one of Britain’s finest ever improvisers and composers.”
Reviews For The Unlonely Raindancer
Jazz Journal – Peter Gamble
“This is Tippett feeling his way into the solo arena, a setting that many feel is his natural habitat... a great insight into his musical direction at the time.”
Jazzwise Issue 243 – Andy Robson
“Not a reissue as such of Tippett's solo piano debut. Instead, as no master tape exists, Discus owner Martin Archer, in a painstaking act of dedication, digitally recreated the album from 600 minutes of live recordings of Tippett's Dutch tour patched over a YouTube dubbed original vinyl recording. If that sounds like a Frankenstein monster, fear not, it's more the re-blossoming of a long dormant rose. This is improvised but not avant-garde music that disappears up its own arch. It's music with a heart and soul that can barely contain itself... but it does, just ” ****