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Track Listing
1. Full Moon
2. Excursion To The Land Of Fantasy
3. Muy Erotico
4. Horaceís Scope
5. Portrait In Blue
6. Spiritual Vibrations
7. Another Shade Of Blue
8. Shades Of Dolphy
9. Jamaican Sunrise
10. Tribal Memories
Phil Ranelin
Portrait In Blue
Wide Hive Records
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Price £11.99
Legendary jazz trombonist Phil Ranelin returns to Wide Hive Records with Portrait In Blue, his fifth full-length album on the label. The sound of the music is indicative of Ranelinís naturally soulful compositional style with strong rhythmic basslines underpinning Philís eerily beautiful horn. Joining Ranelin are a cast of immensely talented young artists, including pianist Joe Warner and bassist Aneesa Al-Musawwir; drummer and long time musical compatriot, Don Littleton and saxophonist Pablo Calogero - known for recording on famous salsa record label Fania. Ranelinís music here remains as consistent as the Tribe Records recordings he is revered for.
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