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Track Listing
1. All Is For The Best In The Best Of All Possible Worlds
2. Ragazzacci
3. 163 Humboldt Street
4. Mente Locale
5. Daily Quest For Love
6. Awakening
7. Brooklyn Bound
8. Slalom G.R.A.
9. Buffalo Wings
10. Cecilia’s Way

Francesco Fratini
The Best Of All Possible Worlds
Via Veneto Jazz
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Price £12.99
'The best of all possible worlds' is the new project by trumpeter Francesco Fratini. Music represents the best of all possible worlds, a territory of infinite richness that Francesco Fratini explores relentlessly between Rome and New York, different but similar cities that have inspired all the tracks on the album.Francesco Fratini (trumpet), Domenico Sanna (piano, keys) , Luca Fattorini (double bass) and Matteo Bultrini (drums) have been collaborating for years as sidemen in different projects, but it was time to strike out on their own. The group started rehearsals in Rome with the aim of making the music itself the centre of attention, where each member brings something unique to the mix. The album also features Charlotte Wassy on vocals (plus rapper Kid Karnival) on the charming 'Daily Quest For Love' and rapper Kala And The Lost Tribe features on the last track 'Cecilia's Way'. The album's ambition and range is refreshingly broad and accomplished and should have something for everyone.