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Track Listing
1. Fragment in G Minor
2. Rubato in G Major
3. Novelette in Fourths in E-flat Major
4. Melody No. 17 in A-flat Major
5. Prelude I in B-flat Major
6. Prelude II in C-sharp Minor
7. Prelude III in E-flat Minor
8. Promenade
9. Impromptu in Two Keys
10. Three-Quarter Blues
11. Two Waltzes in C
12. Rhapsody in Blue

Roger Lent
The Sublime Gershwin
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George Gershwin, a quintessential New Yorker, was instructed in the European classical piano repertoire yet had an immense appreciation for ragtime and jazz as well. Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton and James P. Johnson were all influences on him. Gershwin's music is that of an optimistic young man in early 20th century America, keenly aware of the potential of its great culture. It is a mix of European classical music, immigrant folk melodies, blues, and the rhythmic sophistication of African Americans.

In his concert pieces, he was not trying to write jazz music. He was writing in the same tradition as Chopin or Bartok, utilizing rhythmic and harmonic elements popular in their contemporary culture. Whereas Chopin used Polish popular dances, Gershwin employed authentically American ingredients to convey his ideas.

Gershwin is quoted as saying that he aspired to write a book of 24 Preludes. He wanted to title the book "The Melting Pot," featuring different American styles and themes.