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Track Listing
1. Eglise de Brousse
2. Black Three
3. Nimbus
4. Synthesis
5. Love Song
6. Passage
7. Broadcast Fauré
8. Voyage
9. Embrasse
10. Génération 'Z'
11. This Way
12. Status
Yannick Rieu
Laborie Records
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Price £12.99
For his latest album 'MachiNations', Yannick Rieu teams up with six musicians, rated among the best of their generation: Samuel Joly (drums and percussion); Rémi-Jean Leblanc and Alex Lapointe (double bass and electric bass); Jérôme Beaulieu and François Lafontaine (keyboards, piano); and François Jalbert (guitars). This project follows in the creative footsteps of Yannick Rieu’s previous albums 'Spectrum', 'Non-Acoustic Project', and 'Da Li', pushing further the explorations and encounters of the most recent digital technologies made available to him, spurred on by the energy of a new generation of musicians.

This new album embodies the diverse influences that have punctuated Yannick Rieu's musical journey. While exploring different grooves stemming from R&B, funk, rock-jazz, drum & bass, and world music, Rieu seeks to think out of the box by delving into a more diversified approach of harmonies traditionally associated with these musical styles.

Yannick Rieu: Saxophones, keyboards, samples
Jérôme Beaulieu: Piano, keyboards
Samuel Joly: Drums
Rémi-Jean Leblanc: Electric bass, double bass
François Jalbert: Guitars
François Lafontaine: Keyboards
Alexandre Lapointe: Electric bass
Erika Angell: Vocals on 'Broadcast Fauré'