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Track Listing
Before Dawn
1. Nightingale and tawny owls on the brecklands of Norfolk

Ancient woods and timber fields
2. mixed woods in a Chiltern valley at dawn
3. a breezy New Forest and some woodland warblers
4. a canopy full of birds in the Forest of Dean

Egdon Heath – Devil’s Birds
5. heathland twilight – nightjars, stonechats, yellowhammer.....

Farm & Village
6. several scenes, including greenfinch and goldfinch

Reedbed & Marsh
7. grasshopper warbler, sedge warbler and reed wabler

Caledonian Pines
8. a caper lek in the heart of the forest
9. the moorland fringe – and a blackcock lek

....Onto the moor
10. wind-borne cackles and cries from red grouse and curlew

Birchwood and Sitka Spruce
11. song thrush, redwing, blackbird and mistle thrush

Isolated Community – Ossian Woods
12. Fluid voices – garden warbler, blackbird and robin
13. full moon – a clearing in the pines late on a June evening
Birdsong in Britain
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Atmospheric recordings of some of the characteristic birdsong of wood,heath, marsh and moor from various locations around Britain. Fromnightingale and blackbird to nightjar and capercaillie. "... as much richsound tapestries of the locations as superb examples of a variety of Britishbird song." Andrew Branson. British Wildlife magazine.
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