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Track Listing
1. Grain By Grain
2. Each To Each
3. Ilha Dos Prazeres
4. Tangles
5. Deck
6. Vao Queimar Ou Botando Pra Dançar
7. Seu Pai
8. Arto Vs. Arto
9. Uncrossed
10. Unpair
11. Pele De Perto
Arto Lindsay
Cuidado Madame
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Price £13.99
• On April 28th, 2017, Ponderosa Music & Art releases “Cuidado Madame” ("Caution Madam"), Arto Lindsay's first full- length album of new material since 2004’s Salt. The album is titled after a little known 1970 Julio Bressane film about a housemaid who cheerfully and brutally murders one mistress after another. Produced by Lindsay and his cohorts and musicians Melvin Gibbs, Paul Wilson, Kassa Overall, Patrick Higgins, Ryu Takahashi and Thiago Nassif. Brazilian Candomblé rhythms (spiritual drum patterns that provoke possession and trance) served as a foundation for the record. The process began with the recording of the atabaques in North Eastern Brazil. Lindsay then added melodies and lyrics over these in a Brooklyn studio. What began with a desire to let Afro-Brazilian and Afro-American church music play off each other turned into a record of songs. New England captivity narratives, Bubble Era Japan and the Bay of Naples provide other coordinates.
Reviews For Cuidado Madame
The Wire - Stewart Smith
Arto Lindsay's first full album in 13 years finds him crafting his artful Brazilian pop into ever more sophisticated shapes.
Q - James Oldham
Wildly inventive, with the ability to shock.****
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