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Track Listing
1. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Bethlehem BEP133, Liberty 11003) 1955
2. A Foggy Day (Bethlehem BEP133, Liberty 11003) 1955
3. Don't Worry 'Bout Me (Bethlehem BEP133, Liberty 11015) 1955
4. You're Blase (Bethlehem BEP133, Liberty 11015) 1955
5. Cry Me A River (Liberty 55006, London HLU8240) 1955
6. S'Wonderful (Liberty 55006, London HLU8240) From the album 'Julie Is Her Name Pt. 1' (LRP3006/LST7027) 1955
7. Baby, Baby, All The Time (Liberty 55009, London HLU8279) 1955
8. Shadow Woman (Liberty 55009, London HLU8279) 1955
9. September In The Rain (Liberty 55025) From the album 'Calendar Girl' (SL9002) 1956
10. Lonely Girl (Liberty 55025) From the album 'Lonely Girl' (LRP3012/LST7029) 1956
11. Tall Boy (Liberty 55032, London HLU8414) 1956
12. Now, Baby, Now (Liberty 55032, London HLU8394) 1956
13. The Meaning Of The Blues (Liberty 55052, London HLU8394) From the album 'About The Blues' (LRP3043/LST7012) 1957
14. Boy On A Dolphin (Liberty 55052, London HLU8414) 1957
15. It Had To Be You (Liberty 55076, London HLU8602) 1957
16. Dark (Liberty 55076) 1957
17. I'd Like You For Christmas (Liberty 55108) 1957
18. Saddle The Wind (Liberty 55108, London HLU8602) 1957
19. Tell Me You're Home (Liberty 55131) 1958
20. The Freshman (Liberty 55131) 1958
21. It's Easy (Liberty 55139, London HLU8657) 1958
22. Voice In The Mirror (Liberty 55139) 1958
23. Blue Moon (Liberty 55157, HLU8769) From the album 'Julie Is her Name Pt. 2' (LRP3100/LST7100) 1958
24. Man Of The West (Liberty 55157, London HLU8769) 1958
25. My Strange Affair (Liberty 55175, London HLU8657) 1959
26. Come On-A My House (Liberty 55175, London HLU8891) 1959
27. Must Be Catchin' (Liberty 55182, London HLU8891) 1959
28. Something I Dreamed Last Night (Liberty 55182) 1959
1. Comin' Through The Rye (Liberty 55216) From the album 'Swing Me An Old Song' (LRP3119/LST7119) 1959
2. Makin' Whoopee (Liberty 55216) 1959
3. It's A Blue World (Liberty 55227) 1959
4. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Liberty 55269) From the album ' Around Midnight' (LRP3164/LST7164) 1960
5. Time For Lovers (Liberty 55269) 1960
6. Send For Me (Liberty 55300) From the album 'Send For Me' (LRP3171/LST7171) 1961
7. Evenin' (Liberty 55300) From the album 'Send For Me' (LRP3171/LST7171) 1961
8. Sanctuary (Liberty 55309, London HLG9360) 1961
9. Every Chance I Get (Liberty 55309, London HLG9360) 1961
10. My Darling, My Darling (Liberty 55337) 1961
11. My Love, My Love (Liberty 55337) 1961
12. (Slightly Out Of Tune) Desafinado (Liberty 55512) 1962
13. Where Did The Gentleman Go (Liberty 55512) 1962
14. Laura (From the album 'Julie Is Her Name Pt. 1' Liberty LRP3006/LST7027) 1955
15. How Deep Is The Ocean (From the album 'Lonely Girl Pt. 1' Liberty LRP3012/LST7029) 1956
16. June In January (From the album 'Calendar Girl Pt. 1' Liberty SL9002) 1956
17. Bye, Bye Blues (From the album 'About The Blues' Liberty LRP3043/LST7012) 1957
18. If I Could Be With You (From the album 'Make Love To Me' Liberty LRP/LST3060) 1957
19. Daddy (From the album 'Julie' Liberty LRP3096/LST7004) 1958
20. I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan (From the album 'Julie Is Her Name Pt. 2' Liberty LRP3100/LST7100) 1959
21. Mad About The Boy (From the album 'London By Night' Liberty LRP3105/LST7105) 1959
22. Cuddle Up A Little Closer (From the album 'Swing Me An Old Song' Liberty LRP3119/LST7119) 1959
23. When I Fall In Love (From the album 'Your Number Please' Liberty LRP3130/LST7130) 1959
24. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (From the album 'Julie At Home' Liberty LRP3152/LST7152) 1960
25. Around Midnight (From the album 'Around Midnight' Liberty LRP3164/LST7164) 1960
26. Yes Indeed (From the album 'Send For Me' Liberty LRP3171/LST7171) 1960
27. Why Don't You Do Right (From the album 'Whatever Julie Wants' Liberty LRP3192/LST7192) 1961
28. Sophisticated Lady (From the album 'Sophisticated Lady' Liberty LRP3203/LST7203) 1962
29. Love Letters (From the album 'Love Letters' Liberty LRP3231/LST7231) 1962
30. Love On The Rocks (From the album 'Love On The Rocks' Liberty LRP3249/LST7249) 1962
Julie London
The Julie London Collection 1955-62 (2CD)
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Price £11.99
• Best-known for her classic 1955 Top 10 hit “Cry Me A River”, Julie London was a fine sultry-voiced jazz and pop singer, who enjoyed her greatest popularity during the “cool” era of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s – Billboard magazine named her as the most popular female vocalist of 1955, ’56 and ’57.

• Although she sang as a child with her parents’ vaudeville act on radio, the first decade of her career from 1945 was as a Hollywood movie actress, becoming a popular pin-up girl of GIs, and appearing with the likes of Gary Cooper.

• Beginning her recording career in 1955, she scored a hit with her first release for Liberty, “Cry Me A River”, and over subsequent years released around twenty singles for the label, as well as having a regular output of concept albums, showcasing her smoky and sensuous vocal style with a mixture of sophisticated pop and mainstream jazz material.

• This great-value 58-track 2-CD collection comprises her debut recordings on an EP recorded for the Bethlehem label (the tracks were later released as singles by Liberty), and all her A and B sides for Liberty through to 1962, some of which came from her LP releases, plus selected tracks from the seventeen albums she released during those first important years of her recording career.

• As well as “Cry Me A River”, it includes what was one of her best-known recordings, her vocal version of the jazz cha-cha “Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)” from 1962.

• “Cry Me A River” has been revived by many high-profile artists over the years.

• Julie London is an artist who has not received the accolades she deserved as a sophisticated jazz/pop singer to compare with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Peggy Lee, and this collection will help underline her distinctive talent