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Track Listing
1. Shame
2. I Couldíve Been Your Lover Too
3. Thinkiní On You
4. Getting Ready to Start (Getting Ready)
5. Wicked Spell
6. Something to Lose
7. Never Tire of the Road
8. Take a Stand
9. In the Space of a Day
10. Let Them Go to Heaven
Rachel Baiman
Free Dirt
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Price £11.99
ē Shame, the debut full-length album from Rachel Baiman, is a work of striking importance from a fresh voice that is bound to reach many ears in the years to come. On the albumís ten tracks, Baiman commands attention with songwriting prowess and a depth of presence well beyond her 27 years. The album is a thought-provoking exploration on life as a female in America, with a strong lyrical focus on social justice issues. Despite the serious subject matter, the sound of the album remains light and centers around groove-based, largely acoustic instrumentation. Produced by Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange, the lush and varied musical texture heard on Shame is a departure from Baimanís previous stripped-down duo work with 10 String Symphony. Baimanís vocals are arresting throughout; simultaneously rich and subdued, her husky tone and unaffected delivery pair beautifully with the recordís stew of folk, alt country, and gospel sounds.
Reviews For Shame
fRoots - Cara Gibney
Proudly political, contrasting its upbeat, whimsicle melody with words on the harsh realities.
De Krenten uit de Pop - Erwin Zijleman
A remarkably strong second album.
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