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Track Listing
1. Kunoo
2. Lannayaa
3. Kooma Kumaro
4. Sama
5. M Be Kiling
6. Fora Fo
7. Mame Diarra
8. Bii Lee Sitta
9. Pardon Madame
10. Kora by Night
11. Suutoo Ye Diyaa
12. Kooma Kumaro
Maher Cissoko
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Price £13.49
• After releasing three albums in ten years as part of the Sousou & Maher Cissoko duo, Maher Cissoko is now ready to present his first solo album. ‘Kora Fo’ (“the kora speaks” in Mandinka) is being released by Swedish label Ajabu! and is an exciting step for a unique artist. The solo album ‘Kora Fo’ is an intimate musical experience with complete focus on Maher’s relationship to the kora. The album is characterised by rhythm, musicality and was inspired by both Maher’s own family roots and his current life in urban Sweden. All songs are written by Maher and touches on his travels and meeting new people, even though many of the rhythms are sprung from household chores and everyday life.
Reviews For Korafo
Songlines - Nigel Williamson
Eloquent, handed-down griot tunes, played with a delightfully light and feathery touch. ***