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Track Listing
1. Gonna Take My Time
2. Stranger Here
3. I’ve Been Living with the Blues
4. Be My Woman
5. Poor Man
6. Empty Pocket Blues
7. I Just Can’t Keep from Cryin’
8. Special Delivery
9. If I Had Wings
10. Darlin’ Baby
11. Misery Blues
12. House of the Rising Sun
13. Hard, Oh Lord
14. Believe I’ll Go
15. Oh, Papa
16. How Long Blues
17. Hogan’s Alley
18. Leavin’ This Mornin’
19. Oh, My Babe
20. Yonder Comes the Blues
21. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
22. Weeping Willow Blues
23. Go Down, Sunshine
24. Nobody Knows When You’re Down and Out
25. Joshua
26. Hush Little Baby
27. Alabama Bound
Sometimes I Feel Like Cryin + Odetta And The Blues
Soul Jam
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• Martin Luther King, Jr. called Odetta the Queen of American folk music. She was one of the first female singers to forge the bond between traditional tunes and more contemporary forms, such as the blues, gospel music and protest songs. With her strong, booming voice and spare guitar, she sang songs about the lives of blue-collar workers and convicts, housewives and peasants, blacks and whites.

• This essential release includes two of Odetta’s finest studio albums from her most inspired years: the excellent LP Sometimes I Feel Like Cryin’ (RCA, 1962), and the equally splendid Odetta and the Blues (Riverside, 1962). These two bluesy masterpieces are widely regarded as landmark recordings of the early ‘60s folk & blues revival. In addition, this remastered collectors’ edition also includes 3 bonus tracks from the same period
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