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Track Listing
Side A:
1. Sudden Ascent
2. Glødende Glen (Glowing Glen)
3. Whistling Maniac
4. Jan Mayen

Side B:
1. Gloomy Breeze
2. Müsli Man
3. House of Fog
4. Coughing in a Cool Café
Mathias Heise Quadrillion
Sudden Ascent (140g)
Giant Sheep Music
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Price £15.99
• Mathias Heise is one of very few jazz harmonica players in Denmark, and blessed with an extraordinary musical talent. Aged only 20, he became internationally recognized in 2013 when he won the chromatic harmonica World Championship in Trossingen, Germany, and in 2015 he was voted ‘New Jazz Star of The Year’ in Denmark.

• Mathias Heise Quadrillion has managed to create a truly different and very personal contemporary style. Jazz harmonies and improvisation combined with rock and funk music’s hard-hitting, primal beats are sophisticatedly fused together in a cheerful and euphoric expression.

• This vinyl is 140g, and also comes with mp3 download included
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