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Track Listing
1. Shine (feat. Michael Stephenson)
2. East Village Blues
3. City of Lights (feat. Michael Stephenson)
4. Imaginary Love (feat. Michael Stephenson)
5. Subway Song (feat. Gonzalo Silva)
6. Midtown March (feat. Cary Goldberg)
7. Midtown Madness
8. Find a Way (feat. Michael Stephenson)
9. Wait a While (feat. Mr. Reed)
10. Harlem Jam (feat. JFlo)
11. Shine (feat. Michael Stephenson) – Radio Edit
12. City of Lights (feat. Michael Stephenson) – Radio Edit
New York Tribute
Giant Sheep Music
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Price £12.99
• An Eclectic Mix of Soul and R&B, Instrumental Groove Jazz, Spoken Word and Beat-boxing. ELEKTROJAZZ was founded by Swedish trombone player Anders Larson who has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years.

• With an urge to try a new musical direction, band leader Larson stepped out of the world of modern acoustic jazz, and created his own universe of funky groove jazz, soul, R&B, and acid jazz. A veritable new “old sound” in jazz! Elektrojazz’ goal is to produce the genuine feel and sound of a seventies recording with a modern flavour, using both vintage instruments and recording equipment and up to date recording techniques.

• All the lyrics on the album are related to New York, and they have tried to capture the pulse, feel and smell of the city. The band went around Manhattan to do on-location recordings of street musicians, people and places, and added that special Elektrojazz flavour on top. They even had a subway train doubling as a horn section. Quite musical, it turns out, those MTA cars! We are proud to present the result.