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Track Listing
Lizkau: Sonata Violino Solo Basso Continuo*
Böddecker: Sonata d-Moll für Violine und Basso Continuo
Döbel: Sonata in e-Moll*, Gzyga 3 in A-Dur*, Gzyga 2 in A-Dur*
Walter: Sonata XVII d-Moll
Kerll: Toccata Terza in e
Biber: Preludio* & Passacaglia Violino solo in g-Moll
Muffat: Sonata Violino solo D-Dur
The Violin's Delight - A garden of Pleasure
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Price £13.99
• Plamena Nikitassova (violin) Julian Behr (Theorbo) Matthias Müller (Violone) Jörg-Andreas Bötticher (Harpsichord, Organ)

• Virtuoso German violin music of the 17th century … “Wohl-gepflanzter Violinischer Lust-Garten” (Well-Planted Violin Pleasure Garden) – such was the title employed by Johann Jacob Walter for a second printing of the sonata-like preludes for solo violin and basso continuo originally issued back in 1688. Published in Mainz in 1694, the re-edition reaffirmed his reputation as a virtuoso master violinist with a further compositional calling card. Contrary to what a Baroque “garden” might suggest, the German violin music of the 17th century is anything but predictable and orderly. The sonatas and dance movements of this recording instead, reveal a pleasure in unfettered thinking and experimentation requiring full command of the compositional and technical craft while also unleashing fantastical fabulations of the hands and the mind.