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Track Listing
1. I'LL BE WITH YOU IN APPLE BLOSSOM TIME The Four Aces (Brunswick 05355)
2. THIRTEEN WOMEN Bill Haley & His Comets (Brunswick 05317)
3. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A GENERAL Bing Crosby (Brunswick 05339)
4. TELL ME, TELL ME Suzi Miller & The Johnston Brothers (Decca F10389)
5. RIVER OF NO RETURN Tennessee Ernie Ford (Capitol 14005)
6. DO YOU LOVE OLD SANTA CLAUS Max Bygraves (HMV B10801)
7. SURPRISINGLY Ronnie Harris & The Coronets (Columbia SCM5159)
8. WHAT COULD BE MORE BEAUTIFUL Ruby Murray (Columbia DB3558)
9. DANGER SIGNS Frankie Vaughan (HMV B10783)
10. ADDIO (AH-DEE-O) The Ames Brothers (HMV B10800)
11. THAT'S ALL I WANT FROM YOU Dean Martin (Capitol 14227)
12. LET ME GO LOVER Ruby Murray (Columbia DB3577)
13. BABY, BABY, BABY Teresa Brewer (Vogue-Coral Q72043)
14. OPEN YOUR HEART David Whitfield (Decca F10458)
15. THESE ARE THE THINGS WE'LL SHARE Ray Burns (Columbia DB3563)
16. LAZY GONDOLIER Mantovani & His Orchestra (Decca F10395)
17. IT'S LOVE De Castro Sisters (London HL.8104)
18. MARIONETTE Joan Weber (Philips P.B.389)
19. FASCINATING RHYTHM Petula Clark (Polygon P1146)
20. BELOVED Mario Lanza (HMV DA2062)
21. I WANT YOU ALL TO MYSELF (JUST YOU) Dickie Valentine (Decca F10430)
22. (MY BABY DON'T LOVE ME) NO MORE The Stargazers (Decca F10437)
23. ALONE TOO LONG Nat King Cole (Capitol 14235)

1. HIGH AS A MOUNTAIN Johnny Brandon & The Phantoms (Polygon P1131)
2. OLD SHOES Frankie Laine (Philips P.B.404)
4. BEFORE WE KNOW IT Ruby Murray (Columbia DB3580)
5. MARIA ELENA Perez Prado (HMV B10833)
6. WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE Joan Regan (Decca F10432)
7. LOVIN' SPREE Eartha Kitt (HMV B10647)
8. THE DEVIL'S IN YOUR EYES Don Cornell (Vogue-Coral Q72073)
9. ROSES OF PICARDY Eddie Calvert (Columbia DB3581)
10. YOU, MY LOVE Doris Day (Philips P.B.402)
11. ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND Johnnie Ray (Philips P.B.379)
12. WHAT COULD BE MORE BEAUTIFUL Dean Martin (Capitol 14255)
13. TAKE ME BACK AGAIN Tony Bennett (Philips P.B.420)
14. BIRTH OF THE BOOGIE Bill Haley & The Comets (Brunswick 05405)
15. KO KO MO (I LOVE YOU SO) The Crew-Cuts (Mercury MB3202)
16. VERA CRUZ Tony Martin (HMV B10849)
17. GIVE ME THE MOONLIGHT GIVE ME THE GIRL Frankie Vaughan (Philips P.B.423)
18. AM I TOO LATE The Ink Spots (Parlophone R3977)
19. IF YOU LEARN TO LOVE EACH OTHER Joan & Rusty Regan (Decca F10474)
20. PRIZE OF GOLD Ronnie Hilton (HMV B10808)
21. (THE DIDDLE-EE-I) IRISH MAMBO Alma Cogan (HMV B10872)
22. HELP ME FORGET Jimmy Young (Decca F10502)
23. YOU'RE WRONG, ALL WRONG Georgia Gibbs (Mercury MB3196)

1. WHO GAVE YOU THE ROSES Bing Crosby (Brunswick 05410)
2. DAYBREAK Al Hibbler (Brunswick 05420)
3. BRAHMS' LULLABY (CLOSE YOUR EYES) Rosemary Clooney (Philips P.B.428)
4. PARADE OF BROKEN HEARTS Johnnie Ray (Philips P.B.441)
5. YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THE ONE The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts (Brunswick 05418)
6. GABRIELLE Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra (Decca F10488)
7. EV'RYWHERE David Whitfield (Decca F10515)
8. SING IT WITH JOE (IRISH MEDLEY) Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson (Pye Nixa N15014)
9. SINCERELY Eddie Calvert (Columbia DB3594)
10. YOU TOO CAN BE A DREAMER Dickie Valentine (Decca F10493)
11. THE MEDIC THEME Les Baxter, His Chorus & Orchestra (Capitol 14257) SAME HEART Edmund Hockridge
12. HEY MR. BANJO The Stargazers (Decca F10523)
13. JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS Frank Sinatra (Capitol 14240)
14. HERE'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR Judy Garland (Philips P.B.366)
15. I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME Jane Froman (Capitol 14254)
16. THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI (LOVE THEME) Liberace (Philips P.B.430)
17. BUBBLES Frankie Laine (Philips P.B.465)
18. PENDULUM SONG Barbara Lyon (Columbia DB3619)
19. BAMBINO Ruby Murray (Columbia DB3617)
20. MAMA Malcolm Vaughan (HMV B10874)
21. STRIKE IT LUCKY Johnny Brandon (MGM K12089)
22. MAMA David Whitfield (Decca F10515)
23. WE STOOD AT THE ALTAR Slim Whitman (London HL.8061)
1955 British Hit Parade - The B Sides Part 1
Cat No:
Price £11.99
• Acrobat Music’s series of British Hit Parade collections has become an essential annual purchase for a significant number of collectors and enthusiasts who wish to hear and own every record that entered the British record charts during each year.

• Over the last few years, we have presented parallel collections to the main British Hit Parade releases for 1956, 1957, 1958, ‘59, ‘60, ’61 and ’62 comprising the ‘B’ sides of all the tracks that appear in the main set. The experiment has proved successful, and many collectors have asked us to work backwards through the years to provide similar sets for other years. This is the first of two companion products which are is the next in the series, relating to 1956.

• Part One includes the original ‘B’ sides of every record that entered the charts between 1st January and 30th June 1955 in chronological order of chart entry, following the order of the tracks on Part One of the main 1955 British Hit Parade collection. The only exceptions are where the original hit was a double ‘A’ side, where both sides charted, as a result of which both of the tracks appear in the main Hit Parade collection, so are not included here. As the chart had not been extended to a Top 50 in 1955, fewer records charted, so this year’s collections comprise two 3-CD sets.

• In addition, we have included the B sides of those records which featured in the Melody Maker, Record Mirror and Record Retailer charts, which were not included in the original sets, but appeared on our “The 1950s British Hit Parades – The Hits We Missed” collection (ADDCD3078).• The story of how ‘B’ sides come to be what they are is a fascinating one and varies greatly from record to record. Some featured songs that were written by either the producer, the artist’s manager or someone else with sufficient influence to ensure that if the ‘A’ side were a hit, they would collect 50% of the publishing income from the sales. Others were, of course, complete throwaways, dashed off in the last 10 minutes of a session purely as make-weights. In contrast, some started life as the intended ‘A’ side, only to be overshadowed as promotion people or radio DJs spotted the potential of the ‘B’ side. The fascination is that, in most cases, with the passage of time, we will never know the true story, and the tracks will simply stand to be judged on their merits or otherwise.

• Whatever the case, they will very often provide collectors with a piece of the artist’s work that they have never heard before, and the majority, we suspect, will never have been available on CD before. The sets as always include our substantial booklets comprising about 10,000 words with commentary on the tracks. We are sure that many purchasers of the main sets will be keen to acquire the ‘B’ sides to ensure the completeness of their collection.
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