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Track Listing
1. Nothing Like The Sun
2. Un Altro Sogno
3. Estrela Quente
4. Canta
5. Bai„o Para Cafe Central 05:41
6. Acelera 05:15
7. Homenagem Š Vida
8. BalanÁando 04:58
9. Snowflakes in Calle
10. Distrito ChinÍs 05:43
11. Picture of Ocean
12. I Surrender To You
Steen Rasmussen Quinteto
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ē Itís not especially difficult to become friends with a Brazilian. Itís just as easy to become wild about (and dizzied by) Brazilian music. Pianist Steen Rasmussen is even wilder, having played Brazilian-inspired music for years, over which time he has cemented his position as one of the kingdomís richest, most enthusiastic and competent performers, with an unmatched familiarity of the genre. Ever since he started with Bossas and Sambas (among other sub-genres) in the big country, he let himself fall right into the thick of it. He threw himself straight in, having listened to, and checked out, the very best: Joao Donato, Tania Maria, Djavan, Joyce, Elis Regina, Toquinho, and all the others.

ē He surrendered himself to the music, and one can hear that. Over the years, he has cultivated and refined his fascination, having mastered the fluid and harmoniously superior Brazilian swing, and orchestrating his playing as if he had grown up right in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.
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