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Track Listing
Sebastian Claren (*1965)
1 After Blinky Palermo (2001-02) 20:55 for solo violoncello and orchestraNam-kuk Kim (*1971)
2 Fwa-Du (2002) 11:55 Salvatore Sciarrino (*1947) Due Notturni crudeli (2001)
3 No. 5
4 No. 6
Gerhard Müller-Hornbach (*1951)
5 innere Spuren (2002) 15:55
for 3 solo wind players and chamber ensembleCaspar Johannes Walter (*1964)
6 Angst und Ahnung (2002) 17:55
for female voice, trumpet, and string ensemble
Various Composers
Internationale Ferienkurse 2002
Col Legno
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Price £13.99
SebastianCLAREN (b.1965): After Blinky Palermo for cello & orchestra.(a)  Nam-kuk KIM (b.1971): Fwa-Du.(b)  Salvatore SCIARRINO (b.1947): DuoNotturni crudeli.(c)  GerhardMÜLLER-HORNBACH (b.1951): Innere Spuren for 3 solo wind players &chamber ensemble.(d)  CasparJohannes WALTER (b.1964): Angst und Ahnung for female voice, trumpet& string ensemble.(e)

(a) LucasFels (vc.),  Frankfurt RadioSymphony Orchestra cond. Peter Rundel.  (b) Horia Stefan Dumitrache (cl.),  Young-Cher Park (perc.),  Simone Mancuso (perc.),  Nam-kuk Kim (a-jaeng),  Burkart F. Zeller (vc.) cond. NathanFuhr.  (c) Nicolas Hodges (pf.).  (d) Mutare Ensemble cond. GerhardMüller-Hornbach.  (e) Trulke vander Poel (sop.),  ReinholdFriedrich (tpt.),  LászlóHudacsek (perc.),  EnsembleResonanz cond. Erik Oña.
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