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Track Listing
1. Tezeta
2. Tennesh mekedda
3. Mamitenna kebbede
4. Hode
5. Keto ayqerem motu
6. Datchena koba
7. Medinanna zelesgna
8. Sheqitu
9. Yehetsanu leqso
10. Helawsho
11. Leqedame atbiya
12. Besetchet
13. Lale guma
14. Wolayta krar
15. Derbabe
16. Aba balano shanka
17. Senbet
18. Goraw
19. Sheb robe
20. Od
21. Shama kefena
22. Teraraw
23. Semesh man new?
Orchestra Ethiopia
Ethiopiques Vol. 23
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Price £10.99
· Orchestra Ethiopia was a flexible group of around a dozen musicians, who between 1963 and 1975 led a revival of interest in the country’s traditional folk music - oddly at the same time as the US jazz-blues-soul-fuelled ‘golden age’ of Ethiopian pop music was at it’s peak.

· The Orchestra was founded by Egyptian musician-composer-musicologist, Halim El-Dabh - who was soon joined by converts John Coe and Charles Sutton of the American Peace Corps. In 1966, they found their definitive Ethiopian mentor in Tesfaye Lemma.

· Orchestra Ethiopia released several records at the time, represented by five tracks on this album, but the rest of the choices are from previously unissued material.

· This is Volume 23 in the remarkable, widely acclaimed Ethiopiques series, on the French Buda label, overseen by the series producer Francis Falceto.

· The Ethiopiques series has recently had exceptional, renewed press coverage following the release of the Union Square ‘Best of Ethiopiques’ compilation.
Reviews For Ethiopiques Vol. 23
Songlines - Chris Menist
It's a pleasant surprise that, 23 volumes later, this ostensibly specialist series is still going with such gusto. On the strength of the two latest editions, long may it continue. ****
fRoots - Rick Sanders
This is music as close to natural as great art gets.