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Track Listing
Episode 1 – Late Review
And now on Radio 4...
Lunch at Gerry’s
At the library with Geoffrey
Book quest
Budgie bereavement
Arrival at the BBC
Book Review

Episode 2 – Car Boot
And now on Radio 4...
Preparations for the sale
Two teas at Gerry’s
At the car boot sale
Clock shopping
Laurence Olivier
Arthur’s Antique Roadshow

Episode 3 – The Advert
And now on Radio 4...
Malcolm’s visit
The Shoulder of Mutton
Millionaire machine
The audition
Building Society

Episode 4 – Arthur Goes Camping
And now on Radio 4...
Tent shopping
Impressions for Wilf
The Shoulder of Mutton
Free drinks
Waiting for the mini bus

Episode 5 – 2001 A Space Idiocy
And now on Radio 4...
Mobile phone shopping
A visit to Wilf’s
Ear photography
The Shoulder of Mutton
A mysterious phone call
At the hospital
Radio show
Dr. Hal

Episode 6 – Piddler on the Roof
And now on Radio 4...
Doctor’s waiting room
The Doctor
Shakespeare at the pub
Accident at Wilf’s
Arthur’s concussion
Medicine at the pub
Final preparations
Opening night
Count Arthur Strong
Radio Show! - Series 3 (complete) (3CD)
Komedia Entertainment
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If ‘tragedy’ defines the unwitting downfall of a character by his own errors, then Count Arthur Strong is a tragic character; not that you’d ever feel any empathy for him.

Count Arthur Strong is one of the mainstays of BBC Radio 4 comedy, appearing in limited doses of six half-hour series. This collection covers the entire Series 3, aired twice on Radio 4, and now available as a 3CD set.

Predictably, and in classic fashion, The Count digs himself into a new set of holes.

Followers will be pleased to hear that Series 4 is in the offing, first broadcast on the radio and followed some months later by release on CD.

Series 4 will be playing on BBC Radio 4, for a six week period, starting on Wednesday 7th Jan 2009.
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