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Dufaut: Pieces in G minor,
Gallot: Pieces in A minor,
Mercure: Pieces in A minor,
Pinel: Pieces in D minor
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Relic - Music for the French Lute - Anders Er
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• The composers chosen for this recording all played the same instrument at roughly the same time, with the compositional forms centering around the stlylised dances of the period, such as the courante. allemande, sarabande and gigue. Anders Ericson has followed two musical career paths, by the age of eight he was playing classical and electric guitar, at eighteen he was playing baroque lute and orbo and has recorded with Anne Sofie von Otter and Barbara Hendricks. His other path has seen him as lead guitarist of the Scandinavian progressive metal group ‘Beyond Twighlight’. As a solo lute player, his main focus is on French music for baroque lute. The lute used in this recording is based on an eleven-course baroque lute from the Warwickshire County Museum, originally made in 1550 by Hans Frei.

• Anders Ericson (lute)
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