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Track Listing
Oskar Merikanto: Wedding Hymn,
Toivo Kuula: Wedding March,
Erkki Melartin: Festive March
Snåre: Wedding March from Kruunupyy*,
Järnefelt : Wedding Music*,
Hongisto: Wedding March*
Linjama: Wedding Music*,
Linjama: Bridal Music*,
Nordgren: Wedding March*,
Kokkonen: Wedding Music,
Linjama: Wedding Overture,
Aho: Wedding March 1*,
Hongisto: Wedding Music*,
Linjama: Wedding Music*,
Aho: Wedding March 2*,
Almila: Wedding March, Almila: Postlude,
Heiniö: Overture and Arrival*,
Heiniö: Departure*
Luolajan-Mikkola: Wedding March*,
Liimola: Wedding March*,
Tikka: Wedding March Sortie*,
Linjama: Wedding March,
Tuomela: Wedding March *,
Rautavaara (b. 1928) Wedding March 2:13
7 Kimmo Nevonmaa (1960–1996) Wedding March*,
Tikanmäki: Ceremony 1 & 2,
Linjama: Wedding Music,
Liimola Prelude*,
Linjama: Wedding Music,
Gustafsson: Festive Music,
Nordström: Marche nuptiale*,
Vidjeskog: Wedding March*,
Miettinen: Wedding March*,
Lehtola: Toccata*,
Almila: Wedding Music*,
Kortekangas: Wedding March for Hanna and Jussi*,
Aho: Wedding Music*,
Liimola: Fantasia*,
Pohjola: Wedding March*,
Vainio: Intrada*,
Ruottinen: La Caridad (Si hablando lenguas de hombres)*,
Kaipainen: Congaudet autem veritati *
Various Composers
I Will - Finnish Wedding Music (2CD)
Alba Records / Uittamon Aanite Oy
Cat No:
Price £17.99
• If you are planning wedding music then this inventive 2 CD set could be the one to add some inspiration to the choice. Here you will find popular Finnish organ pieces such as the marches by Kuula and Melartin. This collection, many of which are recorded for the first time, will help find new and distinctive alternatives to the traditional evergreens.
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