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Track Listing
Tansman: Suite for trio d’anches for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, transcribed for Saxophone trio
Beffa: Obsession
Hindemith: Konzerstück für zwei Altsaxophone
Lauba: Balafon, Ars
Thomys: Minatures in various styles
Desenclos: Prelude-Cadence et finale
Various Composers
Saxophone Conversations - Ars Duo
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• In the grand family of classical instruments, the saxophone is often looked upon with a degree of suspicion as it was primarily designed with marching bands in mind. In contemporary music the saxophone has fared well as many composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries developed a passion for Adolph Sax’s invention (patented 1846). The debut CD release from Ars Duo contains not only compositions and transcriptions that are fairly well known to the lovers of saxophone music but also new pieces.

• Ars Duo
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