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Track Listing
Episode 1 - The Minx
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. Nearly quarter to ten
3. Cloud cuckoo clock
4. The Good Flush Guide
5. Last time I’m using the bus
6. Nothing says sorry like a sausage
7. Insurance for my Minx
8. A quote without Wogan in the car
9. Autograph nutter V10. Over here Wogan!
11. Credits

Episode 2 - The Viewing
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. An inconvenient fly in the ointment
3. Gesundheit!
4. Wilf at Gerry’s Cafe
5. The Dynamic Duo
6. Freddie Olmondroyd’s solicitor
7. That bloody stupid woman
8. The viewing
9. Hello, Tony Healy
10. Dicing kidney with Kevin McDonald
11. That awful man from down the road
12. Glass of sherry and George’s Genitals
13. Credits

Episode 3 - Arthurish
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. Two of everything
3. Hasta la vista baby!
4. Full English on the house
5. My Language, Arthurish
6. A maverick Justice of the Peace
7. A bit of meat for Spain
8. More like a shopping centre
9. Welcome aboard
10. Are we nearly there yet?
11. España por favor
12. Back in the Shoulder of Mutton
13. Credtis

Episode 4 – The Arrival
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. Passport bravo
3. Señor String?
4. A heart ring road
5. Don’t worry about a thing Freddie
6. The Wagon Wheel at last
7. Crash course on the Karaoke
8. Hello good people
9. Busy work drinking
10. See how they run like pigs
11. Freddie, don’t get well soon
12. Credits

Episode 5 - Spanish Elvis
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. Malcolm, at last!
3. Banana telephone
4. Pick axe Mingle’s brains
5. Eddie Presley, King of Rock Cakes
6. Liza with a Z
7. He makes you do this?!
8. Spanish Elvis has left the building
9. Blue Suede Foot
10. Back in hospital
11. Credits

Episode 6 – Knights of the Round Table
1. And now on Radio 4...
2. Welcome home Arthur
3. Now where’s that cat?
4. Letter from the Round Table
5. Left handed shoes
6. A mixed grill, how did you guess
7. Important miscalculations
8. How embarrassing
9. The Moronic Hall
10. Thou hast fallen whilst jousting
11. Buenas Noches
12. Credits
Count Arthur Strong
Radio Show! - Series 7 (complete) (3CD)
Komedia Entertainment
Cat No:
Price £15.99
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• Count Arthur Strong is a show business legend, raconteur and lecturer extraordinaire returning for yet another fun packed series of his hilarious escapades. We again follow the one time variety star as he uncompromisingly fulfils his list of daily engagements, creating more un¬due stress and strain from the minutiae of everyday life.

• Come along with Arthur as he gets his ancient Hillman Minx back on the road, with or without Terry Wogan as a passenger, and is invited to Spain to run his old friend’s Cabaret Bar. What could possibly go wrong! Arthur is again supported by regular sidekicks Wilf Taylor – Master Butcher, Gerry – Café Owner, Sally – long suffering friend and is joined in Spain by his protégé Malcolm De Tinsel.

• Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! was recorded in front of a live audience at Komedia Brighton and the Dancehouse Manchester in 2011/2012. This is the 7th series to have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
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