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Track Listing
1. Etude 1
2. Etude 2
3. Etude 3
4. Etude 4
5. Etude 5
6. Etude 6
7. Etude 7
8. Etude 8
9. Etude 9
10. Etude 10

1. Etude 11
2. Etude 12
3. Etude 13
4. Etude 14
5. Etude 15
6. Etude 16
7. Etude 17
8. Etude 18
9. Etude 19
10. Etude 20
Philip Glass
The Complete Piano Etudes - Maki Namekawa, pi
Orange Mountain Music
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• In 1994, Philip Glass resolved to become a better pianist, setting to work on a series of short compositions that would help him hone his skills at the keyboard. Two decades in the making, his 20 exquisite etudes have recently been completed, standing as a record of one man’s deeply personal relationship to his instrument and an embodiment of his evolving style.

• Orange Mountain Music is proud to announce the availability of “The Complete Piano Etudes,” a two-disc set covering both volumes of Glass piano etudes, 20 pieces in all. In addition to the first book (Etudes Nos.1-10) recorded anew with virtuoso Maki Namekawa, this set contains the world premiere recording of the second book of etudes (Nos.11-20) including the incredibly Romantic 20th Etudes. 125 minutes of music in total.
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