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Track Listing
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas; Solo Violin: Reijo Tunkkari; Solo Viola: Timo Kangas:
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik (1944-2008):
Portraits of Country Fiddlers, op. 26 (1976):
1. The Plucker
2. The Thinker
3. The Old Man’s Minuet
4. The Fiddler’s Favourite Tune
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas:
Bruch, Max (1838-1920):
Serenade in fünf Sätzen nach schwedischen Melodien für Streichorchester (Serenade for Strings) (1916):
5. I Marsch (March) - Allegro moderato
6. II Andante
7. III Allegro
8. IV Andante sostenuto
9. V Marsch (March) - Allegro moderato
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas; Solo Violin: Reijo Tunkkari: Bartók, Béla (1881-1945):
Román nepi táncok (Romanian Folk Dances) (1915) arranged for string orchestra by Arthur Willner (1917):
10. Jocul cu bâta (Stick Dance), from Mezöszabad, County Maros-Torda - Allegro moderato
11. Brâul (Sash Dance), from Egres, County Torontál – Allegro
12. Pe Loc (In One Spot), from Egres, County Torontál – Moderato
13. Buciumeana (Horn Dance), from Bisztra, County Torda-Aranyos – Moderato
14. Poarga româneasca (Romanian Polka), from Belényes, County Bihar; – Maruntel (Fast Dance) from Nyágra, County Torda-Aranyos – Allegro
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas:
Sallinen, Aulis (b. 1935):
15. Some Aspects of Peltoniemi Hintrik’s Funeral March (1969/1981); String quartet No. 3, op. 19 for string orchestra
Rautavaara, Einojuhani (b. 1928):
16. Ostrobothnian Polska (1980/1993)
Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907):
To melodier for strygeorkester (Two Melodies), op. 53 (1891):
17. Norsk (Norwegian) – Allegro risoluto
18. Det første møde (The First Meeting) – Lento
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas; Solo Violins: Reijo Tunkkari & Elar Kuiv :
Jalkanen, Pekka (b. 1945):
19. The Serf of Viro, for two violins and string orchestra (1980)
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Portraits - Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra
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