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Track Listing
Trio sonatas from the Music Collection of Lucas Sarasin
Stamitz: Trio in A major, Trio Sonata in G major
Bach.J.Ch : Trio Sonata Notturna in D major
Sammartini: Trio Sonata in A major, Trio Sonata in D major
Fils: Trio in D major
Conti: Trio in G minor
Pugnani: Trio Sonata in Es major
Various Composers
Zu Gast Im Blauen Haus - Der Musikalische Gar
ARS Produktion
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• The ensemble Der musikalische Garten creates a “fine garden filled with fresh and natural playing”, according to a review on the Bavarian Radio website. Just like there are different paths and unusual flowers to be discovered in any garden, so it is with the four musicians of the ensemble – Karoline Echeverri Klemm, Germán Echeverri Chamorro, Annekatrin Beller and Daniela Niedhammer – and their quest for new and unfamiliar musical directions. In addition to his comprehensive musical instrument collection, Lucas Sarasin (1730-1802) also maintained a substantial music library. A detailed inventory, which survives today, lists all the musical scores that were in Sarasin’s possession and meticulously categorizes then by genre, providing us with a unique insight into the music performed at the Blue House (home of Sarasin).

• Der Musikalische Garten
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