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Beethoven: Quintet in E flat major - year of compostion: 1796
Mozart: Quintet in E flat major – year of composition: 1784
Die Freitags Akademie
Mozart, Beethoven
Winter & Winter
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• The premiere of Mozart’s Quintet for piano and winds must of been a shock and at the same time a delight for the audience of the 18th century. The immense richness of colors and sounds were entirely unusual. Mozart had been searching for new challenges and was rewarded. After the premier on April 1st, 1784 Mozart wrote to his father: "... had a very great success ... I myself consider it to be the best work I have ever written in my life." Mozart celebrated one of the greatest triumphs of his career. The near-orchestral rich sonorities, the masterful harmony, the continuing and vigorous dialogue of the oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon with the piano was heard for the first time. Only thirteen years later Beethoven started to work with this unusual instrumentation and tonal colors. His quintet for piano and winds was also premiered in Vienna on April 6, 1797. Beethoven created with the minimal instrumentation a fascinating sound art of simple things, a composition which was prophetic of his later symphonic works. Under the group name “Die Freitagsakademie“ Katharina Suske has gathered some of the finest international artists: Edoardo Torbianelli (fortepiano), Katharina Suske (oboe), Pierre-André Taillard (clarinet), Lyndon Watts (bassoon) and Olivier Darbellay (horn). These five musicians, each with their own unique character, blend together and reciprocally influence each other to create a single flowing sound body and impresses with their entirely new, dynamic interpretation.
Reviews For Mozart, Beethoven
Gramophone - Andrew Farach-Colton
...the fact that one can can identify each player as a distinct personality helps to underscore the music's dramatic qualities. & Impressive too that that the small details are given expressive import.
Gramophone - Andrew Farach-Colton
**Editors Choice** These performances are so full of character and incident that you can overlook the short playing time. Both these works have fared extremely well on recordings. This new version offers musical riches to rival the very best.
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