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Track Listing
1. You Know What You Could Be
2. Cousin Caterpillar
3. Everything's Fine Right Now
4. Chinese White
5. Ducks on a Pond
6. How Happy I Am
7. The Water Song
8. Banjo Tune
9. Log Cabin Home in the Sky
10. Painting Box
11. Empty Pocket Blues
12. The Hedgehog's Song
13. A Very Cellular Song
Incredible String Band
Nebulous Nearness
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Price £11.99
When the Incredible String Band re-formed in 2000 with original members Robin Williamson, Mike Heron, and Clive Palmer, fans had hoped for a true live recording; it was about the only thing really missing from their discography. It was not to be; Williamson left the band not long after to re-pursue his solo career. Heron, Palmer and friends continued and fans at last got their ISB live offering. The band plays acoustically, hearkening back to the original ISB days. Heron and Palmer are aided by multi-instrumentalist Lawson Dando, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Fluff, bassist Gavin Drake, and percussionist Steini Gudmundsson. Recorded live, 'Nebulous Nearness' does represent Williamson by featuring a couple of his tunes including "The Water Song." But what really gets it here are Heron's fine tunes, coming from the days of yore such as "Chinese White," and "The Hedgehog's Song." The performance is inspired, warm, humorous, and ultimately satisfying; fans of the ISB should be delighted with this set.