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Track Listing
1. Avy Agnay
2. Baba O Neny O
3. Miheny Kinegna
4. Sakafon-jaza
5. Vorompotsy
6. Fiainana Izany
7. Isandra
8. Sarotra Ny Fiainana
9. Doro Tanety
10. Kalony
11. Lasa Izy
12. Sokinany Vahiny
13. Tsara Mandry
Madagascar - The Treasure of our Ancestors
Buda Musique
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In the Highlands of Madagascar, a rural family combines agriculture and music. The group Tanga, a fine example of continuity between tradition and evolution, recorded in their village, between plowing and pounding, with hens and geese singing under the windows : all this under the benevolent gaze of the Ancestors
Reviews For Madagascar - The Treasure of our Ancestors
Songlines - Jon Lusk
this album is a decent attempt to document the folk music of Madagascar's Betsileo region. **
fRoots - Vic Smith
Utterly delightful, in every aspect. Something of a field recording, sounds more like it was recorded on location, rather than in a sophisticated studio.