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Track Listing
1. Winter Trees Stand Sleeping 02:20
2. Our Time In Tanjeh 03:00
3. Efo 04:49
4. Kaira 05:14
5. Transition 05:33
6. Mba Sina 06:15
7. All One 04:51
8. Jamming In The Fifth Dimension 05:34
9. Lullaby Med Jullie 03:09
10. Mama Sawo 03:43
11. Bright Sky Over Monrovia 04:26
12. Kanoo 00:48
13. Presenting The King 02:54
14. Dalua 03:45
Dawda Jobarteh
Transitional Times
Sterns Africa
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Price £11.99
ē As the grandson of Alhaji Bai Konte and son of Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, Dawda Jobarteh(Kora, vocals & percussion) is at the epicentre of Gambiaís musical aristocracy, but his world view is modern and open-minded. Accompanied by guitars, sax, bass and percussion his music is still firmly rooted in a tradition and when it looks outward,it does so to the more organic realms of jazz. Itís no accident that the albumís title reflects that of one of its tracks,a version of John Coltraneís Transition, or that there is place for a free-wheeling improvisational duet between percussion and treated kora.
Reviews For Transitional Times
Songlines - Nigel Williamson
Jobarteh's second album smartly synthesises traditional with modernity. It resembles one of the more expansive global adventures imagined by former Grateful Dead drummer ***
The Wire - Clive Bell
Throughout the album, his performance is both refined and enthusiastic, kora strings twinkling like a starry night sky.
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