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Track Listing
1. Mr Money 3.47
2. Still Alive 3.35
3. Sunny Skies* 3.51
4. Liberty Blues 3.02
5. Jack Tar Blues 5.01
6. It Could Be That Way 3.35
7. Wouldn’t You Just Know It 5.35
8. If Age Brings Wisdom 2.27
9. Big Time Operator (revisited)*** 2.59
Zoot Money
The Book of Life ... I've Read It
Treasure Island Music
Cat No:
Price £9.99
• Zoot Money’s new album, “The Book Of Life….I’ve Read It” is released on Treasure Island Music on October 14th via Discovery Records. Featuring seven new songs co-written with producers Mark and Steve Owers, and ‘Sunny Skies’ written by Mike D’Abo, Zoot is very much back in the groove. The single “Still Alive” has been chosen to trail the album at radio, and the release coincides with the ‘Maximum Rhythm ‘N’ Blues’ tour headlined by The Manfreds, supported by Zoot Money and P.P. Arnold, with live dates commencing on October 19th until December 2nd.
Reviews For The Book of Life ... I've Read It
R2 - Morgan Hogarth
This relatively short, solid blusey rocker is stylishly performed throughout. ***
Pop Culture Pipe Bomb - Carla Gordon-Cotter
Abundently clear that Zoot is very much back in the groove! This album has a robust blusey feel, that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.
Mojo - GB
eight tracks full of humorous philosophy and life's lessons hald learned. ***