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Track Listing
1. La Fuga
2. Este Nino Quiere / Monte En El Reloj
3. La Luna Esta Floreciendo
4. El Curruco
5. La Plegaria
6. Carcita Morena
7. Lancherito
8. El Nazareno
Buda Musique
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Price £10.99
The warm melodies of Afro-Colombian music meet the energy of rock and eclectic jazz culture. Some roots can be knotty. One of those is certainly PIXVAE. As the hybrid peach palm from which it borrows its name, this unusual group is the result of cross origins. Here, electrical power accompanies sublime trance carrier songs
Reviews For Pixvae
Earth Beat -
Aural mathematical mutant power trio. & unprecedented alchemy with the combination of psycho-trash-rock
fRoots -
Invigorating high energy blend.
Songlines - Russ Slater
Dressing up these beautiful harmonies in rock clothing. *
fRoots - Michael Stone
With a relentless pulsing percussive sound that could be described as metal jazz.