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Track Listing
1. Johnny O’Leary’s / Kilcummin Lasses / The Ballyvaughan Polka (polkas)
2. Lannisters’ Ball (Game of Thrones Song) (song)
3. Lally’s Alley / Cat’s Tail & Gravy (air/hornpipe)
4. Nelly, My Love, and Me (song)
5. Earl’s Chair / The Green Groves of Erin / Sailor on the Rock (reels)
6. Childhood Ground
7. Tommy Mulhair’s / Finish It Up / Boys of the Town (jigs)
8. Cahercrea / The Ring Finger
9. Welcome Home (song)
10. The Wonder Hornpipe / Austin Tierney’s / The Thunder Reel (hornpipe/reels)
11. Sinning (song)
12. The Blooming Meadows / The Monaghan Jig (jigs)
13. This Day Too (song)
14. In Memory of Michael Coleman / Hughie’s Cap / Forget Me Not (reels)
15. The Homes of Donegal (song)
Terence Winch, Michael Winch & Jesse Winch
This Day Too (Music From Irish America)
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Price £11.99
• Free Dirt Records & Celtic Thunder Music announce the release of This Day Too: Music from Irish America with Terence Winch, Michael Winch, and Jesse Winch. The new recording features traditional and original songs and tunes from one of the DC area's best-known Irish-American musical families, aided and abetted by 12 friends and fellow musicians from Washington's traditional music community---Patrick Armstrong, Tina Eck, Eileen Estes, Brian Gaffney, Conor Hearn, Seamus Kennedy, Nita Conley Korn, Zan McLeod, Brendan Mulvihill, Connor Murray, Dominick Murray, and Madeline Waters, with a posthumous contribution from Paddy Winch and P. J. Conway. This is the first album featuring new material from Terence Winch---composer of many of the original Celtic Thunder's best-known songs---in almost 10 years.
Reviews For This Day Too (Music From Irish America)
fRoots -
Delicious, unpretentious and unfettered Irish music. Collective integrity and expertise make for a sweet, clean and hugly enjoyable record.