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Track Listing
1. Quiet Fanfare - 2:48
2. Proceeding With Caution - 4:58
3. Air In A G Pipe - 9:41
4. Poco A Poco - 8:16
5. Fair With Ground - 7:09
6. Tripartite - 5:43
7. Numerous Discoveries - 24:00
Veryan Weston
Discoveries On Tracker Action Organs
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Price £11.99
• After superb solo CDs on piano and luthéal piano, Veryan Weston makes an equally fine solo organ album. Touring England in search of tracker-action organs, Weston tried about 40 to see if both the instrument and the space were suitable. In several cases there wasn't the opportunity to try them extensively, but in others it was possible to get beyond the discoveries of the particular instrument, and make some magnificent music. This collection consists of seven such instances in seven locations, with the resulting pieces lasting from two to twenty-four minutes.
Reviews For Discoveries On Tracker Action Organs
The Wire - Brian Morton
The music is a succession of complex quiddities and discoveries, pensively extracted and always, generiously shared.
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