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Track Listing
Messiaen: L’Ascension
Kortekangas: Offertorium, Crossing the Five Rivers
Nuorvala: Solo per viola da gamba
Various Composers
Crossing - Works for Viola da Gamba & Organ/V
Alba Records / Uittamon Aanite Oy
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Price £12.99
• Varpu Haavisto (viola da gamba) Kari Vuola (organ)

• The title for the record describes the main theme, transcendence, transition, a crossing from place to place. At the same time, it refers to the main piece of this recording, a comprehensive piece composed by Olli Kortekangas for gamba and organs, “Crossing the Five Rivers”. The piece is based upon five streams in the underworld, which the soul according Greek mythology must be crossed to achieve peace. The piece is significant not only by its broadness but also because of the unique instrument combination. The idea for combining gamba and organs was presented by Kari Vuola made an order for the piece. The duo Haavisto and Vuola premiered the piece at the Parainen Organ Festival in 2008. The piece is dedicated to the memory of Olivier Messiaen.
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