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Track Listing
1. Pickup My Guidon 3 :34
2. You’re Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond 3 :29
3. WBCN 5 :31
4. Wolf Cry 3 :42
5. Barretts Privateers 4 :00
6. Mean Streets 5 :01
7. Northern Blues 3 :54
8. Cabbagetown 3 :24
9. Winners Of Us All 5 :16
10. Dark Genius 6 :07
Watermelon Slim
Golden Boy
Cat No:
Price £12.99
• While working blue collar and trucking jobs after returning home from a tour of Vietnam, Watermelon Slim continued to play music on the side, rubbing shoulders with luminaries such as John Lee Hooker, Champion Jack Dupree, Henry Vestine, Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray. His latest work is a declaration of love to Canada, this big country bordering his own but so little known, he regrets, by his fellow countrymen. The highlights of 'Golden Boy' include an awesome cover of a wounded and broken sailor’s song, "Barrett’s Privateers", that many describe as the unofficial national anthem of Canada, written by the late folk singer and national hero Stan Rogers. With the exception of Blind Willie Johnson’s "You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond", the album is pure Watermelon Slim, whether he is evoking homeless people (Mean Streets), fighting neo Nazi thugs during a demonstration in Miami (WBCN), JFK (Dark Genius) or the casualties of the American dream (Winners of us All).
Reviews For Golden Boy
Blues & Rhythm - Mike Stephenson
Quirky in character, impressive in his slide guitar and the coaky, wobbly nature of Slims voice, all adds up to a variety of roots Americana!
Fatea - David Kidman
You ower it to yourself to get acquainted with Slim and his poetic and imaginative, NAY incomparable take on roots and blues.